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Vom Anfänger zum Profi. Wir haben für jeden etwas im Sortiment FOX - Internationalen Marktführer im Jugend-Lifestyle-Kleidung Bereich. Newsletter: Jetzt kostenlos für exklusive Angebote registrieren und 10% Rabatt erhalten Froggen's League of Legends career started with him spending a few months on minor teams, before joining Team Infused. After the team disbanded, just a month later, Froggen moved on to join Absolute Legends, where he met Wickd. With the merger of Absolute Legends and Counter Logic Gaming, the team Counter Logic Gaming EU was formed. Season In the Summer Season, Echo Fox had almost no roster problems at all - they substituted Grigne in for two games in week 3, and switched Froggen to top lane for one game while kfo played mid lane, but other than that they had a completely stable roster Ersetzt wurde Froggen durch Tanner ' Damonte ' Damonte. Der US-Amerikaner zeigte mit Syndra und Taliyah gegen IMT und EnVyUs jeweils ein passables Spiel, insgesamt war sein LCS-Debüt aber maximal durchwachsen. Als Team wirkte Echo Fox nicht stärker. Bis auf ein paar gute Ansätze war es insgesamt zu wenig, um eine Serie gewinnen zu können

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  1. Froggen is an all-world talent, but for another split, it looks like he'll end up near the bottom of the bracket, going it alone for Echo Fox. The rest of the Summer Split will be again be about.
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  3. Henrik Froggen Hansen details the issues Echo Fox is having regarding scrims in an interview with Travis Gafford. Subscribe NOW to Yahoo Esports: http://ww..
  4. Report: Echo Fox start rebuilding process by releasing Froggen. The Danish mid laner has been the heart of the team for the last two years, but it's time for a change
  5. Mid-Lane-Legende Froggen hat sein Team Echo Fox nach seiner Rückkehr auf die Siegerstraße geführt. Das zuvor von Visa-Problemen geplagte Lineup zeigte in der fünften Woche mit dem eigentlichen.
  6. Today for The Tauntfest we are lucky enough to have Echo Fox star FOX_Froggen hop into H1Z1. Also starring Jeff Leach! FOX_Froggen was live. August 30, 2017 · 17K Views. See All. Videos. Froggen soloq. 105. 17. Froggen NA soloq. 130. 38. Froggen. 69. 58. See All. See More.

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Froggen had failed to make the impact in North America that he'd made in previous years. At the end of 2017, he departed Echo Fox and returned to Europe. Still Top-Level. The past two years have been a struggle for Froggen, who has seen little improvement in his standing. A brief run with Origen in 2018 seemed hopeful, as it saw the iconic. Echo Fox's visa issues kept Henrik Froggen Hansen and Park kfo Jeong-hun from playing, and it struggled mightily. With their return, it's making a late push at the NA LCS playoffs Master of Anivia, been playing professional League of legends since the start of January 2012. People call me Anivi

Here is Rick Fox saying goodbye to Froggen after Froggen left Echo Fox. Froggen taught him a lot about Esports and being an owner, it's a pretty emotional video level 2 Comment deleted by user 1 year ago More than 1 chil Froggen: LCS-Teams wollen nicht gegen uns trainieren Geposted von Funk1ll3r, Henrik ' Froggen ' Hansen hat in einem Interview mit Yahoo Esports das Gerücht bestätigt, dass die Teams der NA LCS nicht mit Echo Fox trainieren wollen. Spekulationen über die Gründe drehen sich um zwei bestimmte Themen

Echo Fox will start Henrik Froggen Hansen, Park KFO Jeong-hun, Yuri KEITH Jew and Terry BIG Chuong for their Week 5 games, Riot Games announced via Fantasy LCS.Froggen and KFO have been out of Echo Fox's starting roster since Week 2 due to visa issues. Anthony Hard Barkhostev was also benched, though he was able to play in Echo Fox's Week 4 games against Team SoloMid and Team Dignitas Echo Fox. 2018-04-05 - 2018-04-29. Origen. 2018-12-06 - 2019-12-09. Golden Guardians. 2019-12-09 - 2020-07-04. Dignitas. 2020-07-04 - Present. Dignitas Academy. Henrik Froggen Hansen (born February 21, 1994) is a Danish player who is currently playing as a midlaner for Dignitas Academy. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Achievements; 3 Awards; 4 Trivia; 5 Gallery; 6 Additional Content. 6.1 Articles.

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— Echo Fox (@echofoxgg) January 5, 2016 Echo Fox was formed after former NBA player and actor Rick Fox purchased Gravity's spot in the North American LCS. They have not kept any members of Gravity's former roster, and have instead picked up a lineup featuring former Elements mid laner Henrik Froggen Hansen and Korean solo queue star Park KFO Jeonghun Froggen has competed in League of Legends since 2011, with experience at numerous organizations. After competing for now-disbanded team Elements in the 2015 European LCS Summer season, Froggen left for the North American scene. Since then, he has played for Echo Fox and Golden Guardians, along with a one-time role on Origen for 2018's European Masters Spring Main Event. Compared to a 2014. The mid lane match up between Echo Fox's Froggen and NRG eSports' GBM will be a major deciding point in Sunday's game. If Froggen is able to shut down GBM, Echo Fox will have an opportunity to 2-0 their Week 5 matches and improve to a 3-1 record with Froggen in the lineup. Echo Fox is set to take on NRG eSports tomorrow (Sunday) at 3PM EST. Feb 13, 2016. 597. Feb 13, 2016. 786. Feb 12. On July 31, Froggen opened up about his time at Echo Fox and his relationship with Rick in an interview with Travis Gafford. Advertisement Riot Games Rick Fox and Froggen talking about Echo Fox in.

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A part of it is because of Elements and Echo Fox. With two teams that were built—and failed—around Froggen, it became apparent that he's not the unstoppable carry everyone thought he was. He. Froggen has competed in League of Legends since 2011, with experience at numerous organizations. After competing for now-disbanded team Elements in the 2015 European LCS Summer season, Froggen left for the North American scene. Since then, he has played for Echo Fox and Golden Guardians, along with a one-time role on Origen for 2018's European Masters Spring Main Event. Compared to a 2014. In Echo Fox's second split since becoming a team, Echo Fox ended the season in last place with a 1-16 record, including a game forfeited. This was following a 6-12 split where due to VISA issues, Froggen and toplaner kfo had to miss many games in the middle of the season. Upon their return, Echo Fox would win their next five games. They finished 7th in the Spring Split, keeping them safe. Many thought Echo Fox's 7th place finish could have been improved had players like Froggen and Hard been able to take their rightful place in the roster without interruption, but that theory fell.

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  1. After that Echo Fox started to get sloppy. Although they were giving Team Dignitas the benefit of Baron they were unable to capitalize on many objectives due to Froggen constantly applying pressure on other areas of the map. Breaking 600 CS the crowd started to erupt in excitement as Froggen kept pushing. It was unclear how much CS he would get.
  2. g and renames it to Echo Fox. Keeping only David Cop Roberson from the previous team, Echo Fox needed to recruit an entirely new roster, including LCS.
  3. Tentative Analysis of Echo Fox's Roster . 10.01.2016 ─ Louis-Victor Legendre. Rogue Analysis. 6 rue de la Galissoniere. Nantes, 44000 France. Table of contents: Introduction : p2 Goals and Analysis Philosophy : p3-4 Froggen : p5-10 Keith : p11-14 Kfo : p15-16 Hard : p17-19 BIG : p20-23 SELFIE : p23 Team as a Unit : p24 Introduction . Retired NBA Superstar Rick Fox's team, Echo Fox.
  4. Does Froggen Have The Strength To Carry Echo Fox Through The Summer Split? June 9, 2017. Christopher Bilski Contributor Christopher Bilski cdbilski Only one team finished the first week of the North American League Championship Series with an undefeated record. Defying expectations it was neither Team SoloMid or Cloud9 who reigned supreme, but rather Echo Fox who climbed to the summit of the.
  5. After 3-time NBA champion Rick Fox retired from playing basketball in 2004 he looked Home; News; DFS; Contest; Redraft/Dynasty; Rankings. Dynasty PPR Rankings (1QB) SFBX Rankings; Rookie Consensus; Rookie Top 50 w/ blurbs; Rookie Profiles; 16-Game Pace Chart; Podcast; YouTube; More Store; Editorials; Write For Us; Newsletter; Contact Us; GF2 App; Sign in. Welcome! Log into your account.

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View all Froggen stats in S7: Win Rate, KDA, champion pool, personal best, builds, match histories,. Echo Fox entered the League of Legends scene in 2016 when former basketball star Rick Fox purchased Gravity Gaming's LCS slot that year. They announced their new team soon after, but due to Visa issues Henrik Froggen Hansen, Anthony Hard Barkhovtsev, and Park kfo Jeong-hun couldn't compete for the first few weeks of the team's existence, leaving Echo Fox with substitutes. Golden Guardians are expected to sign former Echo Fox mid laner Henrik Froggen Hansen ahead of the 2019 season, sources close to the team and player told ESPN Froggen ist bekannt als der Mid Laner bei Echo Fox. In diesem Video gibt er euch einige nützliche Tipps für einen seiner liebsten Champions, Anivia Rick Fox: Froggen, tell them about the birds and the bees. Froggen: They're disappearing at an Anyways enough fanboying over Froggen. I just wanted to make a quick post about an item that I like.. Froggen. 1 post karma 86,863 comment karma. send a private messageredditor for 8 years. [-] Froggen 234 points235 points236 points 3 years ago (0.

The first relegation match for an NA LCS spot pitted Liquid Academy against Froggen and Echo Fox in a thrilling 5 game grind After an off-season in which Echo Fox were framed as an outsider, the team's Mid laner Henrik Froggen Hansen has revealed that none of the other teams in the North American League of Legends Championship Series are willing to scrim with last season's relegation survivors. The underlying tensions between LCS team owners is beginning to have a direct effect on the professional. Echo Fox's contracts with top laner Jang Looper Hyeong-seok, mid laner Henrik Froggen Hansen and AD carry Yuri KEITH Jew expired on Monday, with the team having no intention to renew any of. IMT vs. CLG, Echo FOX vs. TSM - NA LCS Topspiele & Wettquoten 24.-25.06.2017 Froggen vs. Bjergsen - Übernimmt TSM die Tabellenspitze

FOX Froggen - Corki vs Anivia - NA LOL H. Maianh72828823. Follow. 3 years ago | 784 views. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 1:57. FOX Froggen - Corki vs Anivia - NA LOL Highlights. Maianh72828823. Echo Fox to add FeniX and drop KEITH, Looper and Froggen. 3y Jacob Wolf. League of Legends World Championships 2020: News, updates, stats and more. 6h Emily Rand. Ten years of worlds: A League of Legends World Championship oral history. 3d ESPN Esports Staff. 2020 League of Legends World Championship regional guides . 3d ESPN Esports Staff. Echo Fox to add FeniX and drop KEITH, Looper and Froggen. 3y Jacob Wolf. Is the gap closing between major and minor regions in League of Legends? 1d Emily Rand. LGD, Unicorns advance; League of Legends World Championships 2020 play-ins wrap. 3d Emily Rand.

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View all Froggen stats in NA LCS Summer 2016: Win Rate, KDA, champion pool, personal best, builds, match histories,. FOX Froggen - Veigar vs Karthus - NA LOL Challenger 741LP | 프로겐 베이가 . 3. 0%. FOX Froggen - Veigar vs Karthus - NA LOL Highlights | 프로겐 베이가. 9525. 53%. 10 STUNNING CASSIOPEIA PLAYS BY PROS. 9665. 42%. 10 AWESOME TRISTANA PLAYS BY PROS. 10112. 52%. 10 INSANE KASSADIN PLAYS BY PROS. 9650. 51%. 10 UNBELIEVABLE TWISTED FATE PLAYS BY PROS. 10281. 50%. 10 EPIC FIZZ. According to the Daily Dot Froggen will serve as the starting mid laner for echo fox. Their sources are contacts close to the team and have confirmed he is in the final stages of negotiations. Froggen was in negotiations with many teams across North America, Europe, and even China, this offseason after Elements disbande Echo Fox came out with a hard engage comp ranging from Nautilus to the Jhi'ganna Bot-lane combo. Hard (Anthony Barkhovtsev) immediately worked on getting the counter-jungle pressure, taking the early Red Buff from Crumbzz (Alberto Rengifo) own side. The 10 minute mark brought mapped out a slight lead for Renegades: up one turret (top lane), even on kills 1-1, and minion advantage for both. Echo Fox, owned by three-time NBA champion Rick Fox, is another team debuting in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split. Fox bought Gravity's slot in the NA LCS and started from scratch in signing up players for Echo Fox

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At 12 minutes, Echo Fox finally took the bottom tower. Shortly after, Team Liquid took the first dragon for free after 4 members of Echo Fox recalled. At 14 minutes, Froggen takes top while GoldenGlue take bot. First blood finally Came at 15:30. Corki with the package streaked behind Echo Fox with Maokai teleport flanking from behind for a kill. Echo Fox: Adversity for One, Growth for NALCS. In a recent interview by Yahoo Esports, Froggen revealed Echo Fox has been having difficulty finding scrimming partners.Speculation abounds, but until clear cut evidence comes out team owners will most likely keep their dealing's under the table

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Everything about Froggen, complete with stats, schedule, matches, scores, rosters, and exclusive content by Upcomer Echo Fox schlägt zurück. Auch Echo Fox entging letzte Saison nur knapp der Relegation. Dieses Jahr sind die Ziele ambitioniert: Man möchte sogar die Playoffs erreichen Henrik Froggen Hansen. 149.120 Synes godt om · 23 taler om dette. League of Legends player for Echofox

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Echo Fox decided to keep me, and only me, out of all ten of their players from the 2017 roster. I think the ten-man roster was a big part of my development, they obviously saw something in me. I graduated high school in 2016. Around the time I graduated, I was playing with a bunch of solo queue teammates of mine. Looking back at the roster we had, it was a pretty insane line-up; we were all. Although the final roster of Echo Fox is unknown yet, considering Forggen's words that he may go to LCS, the recent chats between Rick Fox and Froggen on Twitter affording much food for thought. In this sense, there is high possibility for Froggen joining Echo Fox. The leaving of Huni and Rekkles's words in stream, prove that salary in Europe is too low and is only one third of NA's. It. Obwohl sich der eSport kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt, gibt es noch immer einige Probleme zu bewältigen. Selbst Rick Fox, Besitzer des LoL-Teams Echo Fox, musste dies mühsam feststellen, will.

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Echo Fox chiêu mộ FeniX, chia tay Looper - Froggen và KEITH Người chơi đường giữa FeniX trong màu áo Liquid trước đây Mới đây Echo Fox đã quyết định mua đứt hợp đồng của người chơi đường giữa Kim FeniX Jae-hun từ Gold Coin United. Jared Jeffries - chủ tịch của Echo Fox cũng đã tiết lộ về việc FeniX sẽ là mộ As a team, Echo Fox clearly struggles to play around the cryophoenix's strengths, or rather, her weaknesses. Her reduced mobility heavily impairs both her roaming and snowball potential from the mid lane. With an immobile midlaner, Echo Fox find themselves with two of their most common gank paths completely shut out. Because we are in a tank meta, Froggen is the only superstar on the team. Echo Fox's players couldn't believe it either: Echo Fox mid laner Froggen ended up setting the world League of Legends creep score record in a professional game, with an astonishing 764 minions. December 8th - Echo Fox anounces their 2018 roster. Huni, Dardoch, Altec, Adrian join the team. July 24th - Fenix leaves. Froggen: Henrik Hansen Mid 2016-01-05 2017-12-08 : Origen: Keith: Yuri Jew Ad 2016-01-05 2017-12-08 : Cloud9 Academy: Gate: Austin Yu Sup 2017-01-05 2017-12-08 : OpTic Gaming Academy: Brandini: Brandon Chen Top 2017-05-26 2017-12-08 : Team SoloMid Academy: Grigne.

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Froggen caught Big next time, and this time Echo Fox was able to pounce for a 4-0 fight, winning the game 13-5 in 38 minutes. Froggen finished 6/1/6 on Lux. kfo popped back after the game, too Looper will be joining Echo Fox players, Henrik Froggen Hansen and Yuri Keith Jew. With this new addition, Echo Fox is positioned to compete in the top echelon of the League of Legends LCS series. I am excited to join the Echo Fox family and to play with top League players like Froggen and Keith, said Looper. The Echo Fox organization has an amazing vision for the. Everything about Echo Fox, complete with stats, schedule, matches, scores, rosters, and exclusive content by Upcomer Echo Fox continued their streak of dominance in the NALCS by taking down 100 Thieves, moving to an 8-1 record. In true Echo Fox fashion, they dismantled their opponent with flashy gameplay and decisive calls. This match featured two new champion picks in Yasuo and Jinx. With patch 8.03 shaking up the meta, one thing remains clear: Echo Fox is rising, and they cannot be stopped. Science. When. Echo Fox finished last in the 2016 Summer NA LCS with a 1-17 record, which meant the team could be relegated to the League of Legends Challenger Series. After defeating NRG eSports 3-0 they re-qualified for the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. 2017. After speculations about Froggen leaving Echo Fox rise, he subsequently released his official statement on YouTube in regards to his termination with the.

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Froggen has had visa problems, leaving him on the sidelines for a few weeks while his team, Echo Fox, played with a substitute roster and failed to find wins. Meanwhile, Alex Ich's Renegades. Rick Fox: Froggen, tell them about the birds and the bees. Froggen: They're disappearing at an alarming rate. # echo fox # rick fox # froggen # incorrectlcs ∞ Permalink; Posted 2 years ago; Tweet this; 18 notes; strongnotskinnyblog liked this . lostinyaoi liked this. He inherits Froggen's role on the team, and will look to help solve the mid priority issues Echo Fox contended with throughout Summer 2017. With all signs pointing to Azir re-entering the meta, I can't wait for more of this. The old Dignitas duo of AD carry Johnny Altec Ru and support Adrian Adrian Ma reunite in the Echo Fox bot lane, hoping to regain the form they lost down. Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for Froggen 7 found (21 total) alternate case: froggen Elements (esports) (784 words) exact match in snippet view article 16-12 record, behind SK Gaming and Fnatic. Alliance mid-laner Henrik Froggen Hansen was voted as the MVP of the Spring Split with 28% of the vote

LoL: FlyQuest crashes against Echo Fox. 3y Brendan Hickey. Ninja debuts on Mixer with Bugha on Fortnite Friday. 309d Tyler Erzberger. Gaming megastar Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer. 310d. League of Legends: All-NA FlyQuest still finding their way. 1y Emily Rand. Henrik Froggen Hansen added a little history to Echo Fox's incredible 67-minute victory over Team Dignitas to open Week 8 of the 2016 North American League Championship Series Spring Split [18], Echo Fox would continue growing their team with the signing of Korean and French Tekken pros Saint, JDCR and VorttexX-Shadow, bringing their roster up to thirteen players. The midseason was quiet for Echo Fox from a roster standpoint, but rocky in all other ways, as founder and face of the organization Rick Fox announced in April that he would be leaving the organization due to alleged. Echo Fox looked like they were on the ropes in Game 2 when Liquid caught them out of their base, but Jang Looper Hyeong-seok and Henrik Froggen Hansen had other plans

After nearly six months of inactivity, Henrik Froggen Hansen returns to competitive League of Legends in newly reincarnated Origen. The twenty-four-year-old took a break from competing since he left Echo Fox back in November last year. In a stint that lasted nearly two years, Froggen's Echo Fox struggled to find their playstyle and found themselves on the brink of relegation split. r/echofox: ##Echo Fox Echo Fox is a professional esports team competing in: * Dragon Ball FighterZ * H1Z1 * Injustice 2 * League of Legends * Madden Press J to jump to the feed. He began his career in video game journalism as a freelancer in 2001 for Tendobox.com. The whole purpose of sean leaving was based around him putting in work and knowing what would happen but they still screwed up LoL: FlyQuest crashes against Echo Fox. 782d Brendan Hickey. Fortnite World Cup Finals: Who to watch. 16h Jacob Wolf. Pro-am winner and former LoL pro Airwaks looking for title at Fortnite World. Echo Fox vs Phoenix1 Highlights ALL GAMES | NA LCS Week 4 Summer 2017 | FOX vs P1. 0. 0%. Echo Fox Challenger Hype Video! - Imaqtpie, Voyboy, Scarra, Shiphtur & Dyrus to Challenger Series. 0. 0%. Darshan's MONSTROUS Baron Play! - CLG vs FOX, Game 2 - Highlights. 4. 0%. Looper pulls off Singed against TSM - FOX vs TSM W4D3 - Highlights . 1. 0%. Echo Fox vs TSM Highlights Game 1. A Yahoo Esports interview with Echo Fox player Henrik Froggen Hansen revealed this fascinating tidbit on the current state of the LCS: no other team in the LCS will scrimmage with Echo Fox. And while the interview and subsequent statements by Kyle Fox—the son of Echo Fox owner Rick Fox—don't give any insight as to why, a possible reason may be the fallout from a public dispute last.

Henrik Froggen Hansen details the issues Echo Fox is having regarding scrims in an interview with Travis Gafford <br>What Would Fox News Be Like Without Roger Ailes? That deadline was extended on July 15 to July 23 after Echo Fox submitted a proposal for Raizada's shares to be transferred to an entity owned by a family member. The deal is pending Riot Games' approval and comes after the expiration of a Monday deadline set by Riot that put Echo Fox, which was cofounded by three-time NBA champion Rick Fox. Result Echo Fox wins in 36 minutes and 54 seconds. Bans Echo Fox Team Impulse Graves Anivia Nidalee Fiora Gangplank Ryze Pick Order Echo Fox Team Impulse Lulu Kindred, Alistar Elise, Lucian Trundle Poppy Lissandra, Thresh Viktor End Game Statistics TEcho Fox Player name Champion Kills/Deaths/Assists Kfo Lulu 0/1/9 Hard Elise 3/1/6 Froggen Lissandra 3/2/7 Keith Lucian 7/0/ In April 2019, Fox threatened to leave the esports team after accusing Razaida of making racist comments against him and Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall, as well as threatening Fox's family. Rick Fox was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Thursday, July 24, 1969 (Generation X). Rick Fox, who is regarded as one of the worst players in NA, is also among the richest former NBA players with the net worth. The Florida Mayhem lets go of three What else are Overwatch League Teams Grabbing College Football Week 7 Picks NFL Week 6 Picks Against the Sprea

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Result Cloud9 wins in 28 minutes and 47 seconds. Bans Echo Fox Cloud9 Nidalee Lulu Gangplank Ryze Tahm Kench Lucian Pick Order Echo Fox Cloud9 Lissandra Alistar, Fiora Rek'Sai, Miss Fortune Elise, Caitlyn Anivia, Trundle Twisted Fate End Game Statistics Echo Fox Player name Champion Kills/Deaths/Assists Kfo Lissandra 0/3/0 Hard Rek'Sai 1/3/3 Froggen Anivia 0/2/2 Keith Miss Fortun Echo Fox vs Team Liquid (1817 views)(1817 views

Echo Fox. United States Immortals. United States Best of 3 match . Jan 22, 2017, 12:00 AM CET vs Show result . 1: 2. Results, VODs, drafts Echo Fox vs Immortals . Game 1 ; Game 2 ; Game 3 ; Game 1 result. Show result. Rick Fox will be proud. After a really rough Summer LCS, Echo Fox 3-0 swept NRG to keep their team in the LCS for Spring of 2017. Veteran Presence. One thing that was evident in this matchup was the veteran presence of Froggen.Not only being the shot-caller, Froggen's been in big moments before so the pressure doesn't phase him Echo Fox: 2017-11-20: Froggen: Henrik Hansen: Echo Fox ⇒ 2017-11-20: Keith: Yuri Jew: Echo Fox ⇒ 2017-11-20: Looper: Jang, Hyeong Seok: Echo Fox ⇒ 2017-11-03: Neslo: Jeremy Olsen: Echo Fox ⇒ 2017-10-25: Crowder: Chris Crowder: Echo Fox ⇒ 2017-10-25: Assault: Adam Garcia ⇒ Echo Fox: 2017-10-25: Faccento: Brice Faccento ⇒ Echo Fox: 2017-10-25: Gunless: Pierce Hillman ⇒ Echo Fox. Echo Fox vs Team Liquid ESL Pro League Season 4: CS:GO: North American Division - 2016-08-19 05:00:00 On January 23, 2016, due to some concerns over player work-eligibility, Echo Fox was unable to submit a roster and was required to forfeit their match against NRG Esports. I love the five-on-five aspect, he said. [16] A month later, they would sign Super Smash Bros. pro Jason Mew2King.

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