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Endless Confetti is a general forum designed to be similar to the old forums of the early-mid 2000's. We're just looking for a small community, not anything big like reddit, 4chan, or hell, even somethingawful. We don't have that many rules, just try to keep political shit at a minimum and don't be an assclown Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Dieses Forum hat den Schwerpunkt 'Debitismus', ein Begriff, mit dem Dr. Paul C. Martin die Zwänge und Systematik der Wirtschaft und der Gesellschaft beschrieb. Diese herausragende Systembetrachtung wurde lange Zeit in dem von Jürgen Küßner gegründeten und geführten 'Das Gelbe Forum' gewürdigt und vertieft. Jürgen Küßner war einer der bekanntesten und besten Elliott-Wave-Analysten im. NBA LIVE Mobile Forums r/ NBAForums. Join. Posts. Promo Guides. Shaq Week SpaceBall Running of the Bulls 3v3 4th of July Fantasy Exp Draft. Promo Maths . Shaq Week Math 4th of July Math Running of the Bulls 2019 NBA Finals Math UA Joel Embiid Math. EA AMA Series. 6/26/19 7/24/19 (Live) Player Database. hot. hot new top rising. hot. new. top. rising. card. card classic compact. 162. pinned by. Other Reddit users drew attention to this discussion and the r/jailbait forum was subsequently closed by Reddit administrators on 11 October 2011. Critics, such as r/jailbait's creator, disputed claims that this thread was the basis of the decision, instead claiming it was an excuse to close down a controversial subreddit due to recent negative media coverage. [3

Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you In order to create threads, posts, and interact with the Ubisoft forums you need to have a Ubisoft account with a verified email address. Verifying your email address also improves the security of your Ubisoft account, helps us provide you better support, and ensures you don't miss out on exclusive content, newsletters, and other special offers

What is Reddit? In this guide, we will walk you through the terminology, perks, and how to navigate the various communities of the popular social media site Reddit [ˈrɛdɪt] ist ein Social-News-Aggregator, eine Website, auf der registrierte Benutzer Inhalte einstellen bzw. anbieten können.Ein Inhalt kann entweder aus einem Link, einem Video, einem Bild, einer Umfrage oder einem Textbeitrag bestehen.Andere Benutzer können die Beiträge als positiv oder negativ beurteilen. Die Bewertungen beeinflussen, welche Position der Beitrag auf der. REDDIT NSFW is best and one of the best websites to kill your spare time and lots of intelligent subreddits specialized in different fields and these topic specific subreddits are larger than even the most popular forums available for that topic and you follow below guide related to nsfw Reddit.. Now that list of best subreddits, people showed extra support and interest for NSFW that is best.

New York (CNN Business) Reddit, one of the most controversial social sites, is now trying to tackle hateful content on its platform amid broader calls for racial justice. On Monday, the social.. Dennoch hat eine genauere Betrachtung der Foren ergeben, dass die Beliebtheit der Plattform bedeutend abgenommen hat. Sowohl die Spieler als auch die Rioter sind zu anderen Community-Diskussionsplattformen wie Reddit und Discord umgesiedelt und haben die Foren unterbevölkert zurückgelassen Opie and Anthony reddit forums. Login or Sign Up Logging in... Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? or Sign Up. Log in with; Forums; Weird News ; Today's Posts; Member List; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select.

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  1. Reddit Bans The_Donald, Forum Of Nearly 800,000 Trump Fans, Over Abusive Posts Reddit unveiled an update to its hate speech policies on Monday, including shutting down about 2,000 subreddits. It.
  2. how to download reddit videos? viddit.red is designed to be the one-stop tool to download videos from reddit.We can also convert reddit videos to mp3, or help download audio from reddit in general. To begin, we need a Reddit Video Post Link..It can be a short (v.)redd.it link, or a long permalink to some comment in subreddit that contains the video
  3. Reddit is basically a large group of forums in which registered users can talk about almost anything you can imagine, from news, to pop culture, to technology, to comics, to film, to literature.
  4. Für Probleme beim Installieren oder Patchen, mit der Verbindung zum Spiel oder Abstürze während des Spielens
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Reddit bans controversial forum The_Donald as it revises hate speech policies. Sweeping changes to the platform's content policy mean many problematic subreddits have been now been banned In an age of uncertainty, Reddit's Am I the Asshole? forum exists to tell it to us straight. It is where some 2.4 million people gather to review accounts of real-life wrongdoing, before delivering.. redditlist helps you find the best parts of reddit.com by bringing you daily rankings and statistics for the most popular subreddits

For about the last year, I'd say 25% of the time I attempt to load any reddit page, the progress in the URL bar gets to about 15% and then just hangs, never loading the page. The only way to fix this is to turn my wifi off and back on quickly, and then reload things. I do not have this issue in.. This forum is for community developers to engage with Lime Tech directly for assistance with creating containers, virtual machine templates, plugins, or programming with Unraid in general. This forum can be viewed by all, but access to contribute must be requested. 193 topics 2587 posts. Notify issues; By itimpi; October 13 ; Community. Lounge. A place for new users to introduce themselves and. Eure Foren für alle Klassendiskussionen in World of Warcraft. 0. Guides. Ihr seid neu oder gerade frisch zurückgekehrt? Fragt hier erfahrene Spieler um Hilfe! 0. In Entwicklung. Gebt uns hier euer Feedback zu sämtlichen Inhalten, die sich noch in der Entwicklung befinden. 0. Rekrutierung. Sucht und findet in diesem Bereich gleichgesinnte Spieler für eure Gilden, Gruppen oder Community. 3. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below gofeminin Forum, aktuell sind 714 Mitglieder online. Willkommen im Forum - Stell dich vor! 2.501 Nachrichten 20 Nutzer online Liebe & Beziehung. 1.429.891 Nachrichten 39 Nutzer online Schwangerschaft & Kinderwunsch. 2.674.862 Nachrichten 44 Nutzer online Mein Baby. 1.299.432 Nachrichten.

(Newser) - A popular Reddit forum that described itself as a never-ending rally dedicated to the 45th President of the United States has been banned as part of the site's crackdown on hate speech Reddit shut down its popular but controversial forum devoted to supporting President Trump on Monday, following years in which the social media company tried but often failed to control the racism. Diskutiert Probleme, welche die Installation, Patches, Stabilität oder die Verbindung von Overwatch betreffen

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Reddit is banning one of its most notorious communities today, the subreddit—or forum—dedicated to discussion of President Donald Trump. The ban comes after years of controversy around r/The. Reddit (/ ˈ r ɛ d ɪ t /, stylized in its logo as reddit) is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. Posts are organized by subject into user-created boards called subreddits, which cover a variety of topics such as. Reddit said The_Donald forum has consistently broken its rules, antagonized other communities, and the moderators have refused to meet Reddit's most basic expectations. The company also said. If you're not familiar with the site, Reddit is made up of user-generated forums, called subreddits, that allow people to share and comment on news, opinions, images, and links.Each forum is. Reddit testet seine neuen Community Token auf Ethereum-Basis in zwei Subreddits. Besonders die Nutzer von r/fortnite zeigen dabei großes Interesse. BTC-ECHO . 20€ + Kryptokompass $ $ $ $ $ 360.40 B $ BTC 10,978.00 $-0.15%. ETH 381.05 $-0.37%. BCH 230.82 $-1.51%. XRP 0.249947 $-0.01%. MIOTA 0.269594 $-1.92%. LINK 10.29 $ 0.13%. ADA 0.092079 $-0.16% [Werbung] Verdiene ein passives Einkommen.

So it was now 5th time when didnt get answer on official forum from staff, but on reddit. Last time it was in obstructed shades on scourge, it was biggest topic, 40 days without answer, then it was answered on reddit by anet_irenio, but still no response on OFFICIAL FORUM Reddit, an online comment forum that is one of the internet's most popular websites, on Monday banned a forum that supported President-Donald Trump as part of a crackdown on hate speech Reddit users who keep tabs on potential hate crime hoaxes via the online forum are met with a label notifying them that r/hatecrimehoaxes has been banned from Reddit. The label notes that the page was banned for violating Reddit's rule against promoting hate Reddit bans The_Donald forum as part of major hate speech purge. Sara Fischer, author of Media Trends. Photo Illustration: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images. Reddit says it is banning its controversial subreddit channel r/The_Donald, one of the company's largest political communities and a longstanding hub of support for President Trump, along with 2,000 other subreddit. Social media site Reddit on Monday shut down r/The_Donald, a forum which long served as a popular online home base for fans of President Donald Trump, saying it violated the site's hate speech rules

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Is kpop Reddit better than allkpop forums? Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by thebadguy, Sep 18, 2020. thebadguy Super Rookie. Joined: Jun 19, 2020 Messages: 1,518 Likes Received: 3,776. To begin today's show, Lauren explores the women's subreddit r/TwoXChromosomes, and finds that what is marketed as a woman's forum is really just a bastion.. What is Reddit? Reddit is where topics or ideas are arranged in communities. Start off with what you like and go from there. There are 100K active ones to choose from. Joining your favorite communities will create a constant, personalized feed of content like news headlines, fun stories, sports talk, games, viral pics, top memes, and videos. Earn fake Internet points (called Karma) by sharing.

This page contains reference examples for posts and comments in online forums such as Reddit, including the following: Online forum post; Online forum comment; 1. Online forum post. Little, J. [j450n_l]. (2018, December 12). I'm the first person in the world with a neural-enabled prosthetic hand. Using an specialized prosthetic and a device implanted [Online forum post]. Reddit. https://www. Reddit, an online comment forum that is one of the internet's most popular websites, on Monday banned a pro-Donald Trump forum as part of a crackdown on hate speech.. The Trump forum was banned. Reddit bans pro-Trump forum in content crackdown. By Elizabeth Culliford. June 30, 2020 — 4.09am . Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. Social media site Reddit said it had. Online-Plattform Gegen Hass im Netz: Reddit sperrt Pro-Trump-Forum mit 800.000 Nutzern. Insgesamt 2.000 Gruppen gesperrt - Temporäre Sperre für Trumps Kanal bei der Streamingplattform Twitc Reddit said The_Donald forum has consistently broken its rules, antagonized other communities, and the moderators have refused to meet Reddit's most basic expectations. The company.

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Reddit executives said the site remained a place that they hoped could be a forum for civil political discourse in the future, as long as users played by its rules Reddit is home to some of the most creative online communities, boasting more than 430M active users who contribute more than 100k original artworks on the platform every month. And today we are so excited to announce the ultim The pro-Trump forum is called The_Donald and has been placed in quarantine because of certain user comments posted in the forum.Reddit is a social news site that allows for members to write content, including links and images. Reddit has restricted a few forums in the past such as White_Pride and watchpeopledie, wrote Drew Harwell, a Washington Post reporter

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Her time as a Reddit moderator has also shown the r/sex forum to be a teaching tool for many women, who find it to be a safe space for all their questions about sex they might not feel comfortable. In true Reddit fashion, Redman answered a range of questions about his hobbies, favorite movie villains, and his thoughts on the Blue Man Group. Team USA, Aja Evans. Bobsledder Aja Evans joined Reddit as part of the Team USA AMA series leading up to the 2018 Winter Olympics. Redditors were curious about her training schedule and lifestyle as an elite athlete, with several admitting their. Forum for guides regarding setting up OBS as well as particular settings for games. Threads 80 Messages 1K. Threads 80 Messages 1K. Getting the most out of your webcam. Oct 13, 2016; Michael Graves; Plugins. Forum for specific plugins, whether you've created one or are in the process of making one of your own. Threads 6 Messages 180. Threads 6 Messages 180. R. Shared Memory Interface for use.

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Im Forum Sex & Verhütung kannst du die Fragen stellen, die du sonst nicht zu stellen wagst. Tausch dich aus rund um die schönste Nebensache der Welt Tree of Savior Forum. Category Topics; News and Announcements. Tree of Savior official news, announcements, and game update information. 1251. General Discussion. Discuss general topics related to Tree of Savior here. 20227. General Gameplay. We urge players to use this category for discussing game-related matters. 115. Community Guides . About the Community Guides category. 24. Community.

HONG KONG — A post on the popular Hong Kong forum LIHKG calls on residents to skip work and classes to support a strike by civil servants and MTR staff and put pressure on the city's embattled. Behind Reddit's Decision To Boot 'The_Donald' Forum NPR's Sacha Pfeiffer speaks with Robert Peck, a Reddit moderator, about the site's decision to ban the subreddit The_Donald after numerous. Ubisoft Foren Statistiken. Themen: 186.992 Beiträge: 2.569.760 Benutzer: 746.790 Aktive Benutzer: 13.721. Wir begrüßen unseren neuesten Benutzer: traeshy. Zurzeit aktive Benutzer. Es sind derzeit 1499 Benutzer online. Registrierte Benutzer: 301, Gäste: 1198. Mit 14.097 Benutzern waren die meisten Benutzer gleichzeitig online (16-05-17 um 21:08 Uhr). Kontakt; Archiv; Nach oben; Um Threads. Khabib vs Gaethje Stream Reddit Autor: ~usasports 2020-10-22 07:50 1 Treści na Forum Bankier.pl (Forum) publikowane są przez użytkowników portalu i nie są autoryzowane przez Redakcję przed. Baltimore Ravens vs Washington Live Stream Reddit - The Daily Chronicle - The Daily Chronicle Hi and thanks for visiting the best Ravens forum on the planet. You do not have to be a member to browse the various forums, but in order to post and interact with your purple brethren, you will have to **register** It only takes a couple of minutes

Reddit Bans Popular Forum for Donald Trump Supporters Twitch, another online platform, suspends president's streaming account, citing conten Social media site Reddit on Monday shut down r/The_Donald, a forum which long served as a popular online home base for fans of President Donald Trump, saying it violated the site's hate speech rules.Other sites also conducted high-profile sweeps: Amazon Hacker Defaces Dozens of Reddit Forum Pages with Pro-Trump Images. Reddit says the stunt was pulled off by breaking into the user accounts that belong to subreddit moderators In his first Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum, the renowned physicist plans to discuss his concerns that artificial intelligence could one day outsmart mankind if we're not careful Reddit will continue to ban any of these forums, called subreddits, that don't abide by new content policy, the company announced Monday in a statement. The rules specify communities and users.

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Treści na Forum Bankier.pl (Forum) publikowane są przez użytkowników portalu i nie są autoryzowane przez Redakcję przed publikacją. Bonnier Business (Polska) Sp.z o.o. nie ponosi. This forum is dedicated to the discussion of official and unofficial esports tournaments and events. 96 posts. This forum is in serious n By ElectricPotato; August 14, 2019; Player to Player Support. Ask for your fellow players to help on various questions you may have. 29,872 posts. Useless files? By Grimoir; 17 hours ago; Fan Creations . Share your fanfiction, fan art, fan videos, fan. Erstellen Sie jetzt kostenlos Ihr eigenes Forum in wenigen Minuten! - Super Funktionen - Blog, Chat, Fotogalerien u.v.m. - Einfach und unkompliziert starten - kostenlo

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Watch Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Live Streams Reddit - Programming Insider Hi and thanks for visiting the best Ravens forum on the planet. You do not have to be a member to browse the various forums, but in order to post and interact with your purple brethren, you will have to **register** It only takes a couple of minutes Discussion forum related to Nostalrius Begins in general. 2550 Topics 25635 Posts Last post by friendlinzh Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:27 am; Getting started on Nostalrius Game configuration tutorials, addons and macros. 915 Topics 4401 Posts Last post by Norjak Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:56 pm; Role Play Role-play forum section. 152 Topics 1058 Posts Last post by bethannmoore Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:28 pm. Reddit bans pro-Trump community The Donald 01:22 Reddit has banned The_Donald, a forum that united fans of President Donald Trump on the social media platform

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Online-Forum Reddit sperrt große Pro-Trump-Gruppe (Bild: thinkstockphotos.de) Die Online-Plattform Reddit will die Verbreitung von hasserfüllten Inhalten bekämpfen und hat daher eine bei vielen. Reddit shut down the controversial The_Donald forum, one of about 2,000 subreddits banned under a new content policy that aims to better curb hate speech Jailbait ([ˈdʒeɪlˌbeɪt], engl.: Jail = Gefängnis, Bait = Köder), auch Knastköder, beschreibt im amerikanischen Slang eine jugendliche Person, die älter aussieht, als sie tatsächlich ist. Hierbei besteht die Gefahr, sich durch sexuelle Handlungen mit jemandem unterhalb eines Schutzalters (engl.: age of consent) strafbar zu machen. Der Titel des Films Jailbait Babysitter aus dem Jahr. The ultimate Clash of Clans community showdown! Team Forums faces off Team Reddit in an epic War for GLORY and bragging rights. Who will be the victor? Join.

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  1. Forum-Hilfe: Hier werden Sie geholfen! | FAQ Einstieg in die Nassrasur | Unterstütze uns mit einer Spende! | Grün schreibt nur der Moderator in mir. Reaktionen: Dr. Moe Larrstein, Flocko, Raktajino und 19 andere. BloodyCut Very Active Member. 27. September 2020 #6.432 Reaktionen: Raktajino, Hochseefischer, Thorsten69 und 16 andere. Jos Very Active Member. 27. September 2020 #6.433 Reaktionen.
  2. Hallo,komme mit dem Forum noch nicht so gut zurecht und habe bisher nichts zu diesem Thema gefunden.Die Frage ist kurz und knackig:)Versuche mich gerade an Nuclear Winter und wie auch immer bin ich Stufe 6. Jetzt stellt sich mir aber die frage wo zu
  3. Forum. Schmalspurbahnen. Bildberichte & Dokumentationen. Historisch. Weiter-Mitfahrt mit P 1727 am 16. Juni 1971 von Mohorn nach Freital- Potschappel. rekoheizer; Vor 13 Stunden ; Thema ignorieren; rekoheizer. Bahn-Inspektor. Reaktionen 2.019 Punkte 3.352 Beiträge 203. Vor 13 Stunden; Neu #1; Pünktlich 11:51 Uhr verließen wir den Bahnhof Mohorn um gleich nach der Bahnhofsausfahrt in eine.
  4. Humor á la r/hackintosh https://www.reddit.com/r/hackiold_us_to_bring_the_last

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  1. Kadett-Forum.de. Plauderecke. Smalltalk. Ich werde PAPA!!! hiko; 29. Mai 2007; 1 Seite 1 von 4; 2; 3; 4; hiko. Meister. Punkte 12.810 Beiträge 2.471 Karteneintrag ja Fahrzeug Anderes Fahrzeug. 29. Mai 2007 #1 #1; Zeig euch mal eine 3-D Aufnahme meines ganzen Stolzes. Ende Oktober ist es soweit,freu mich wahnsinnig drauf. Meine Freundin ist jetzt im 5. Monat. Schon wahnsinn wie man alles.
  2. Ich bin auf einen interessante Beitrag in einem englischen reddit-Forum gestoßen. Dort wird erwähnt, dass der Vater des Alternativ-Forschers Cliff High (Erfinder des Web Bot, welcher sich anschickt, durch Verfolgung von Stichwörtern im Internet die Zukunft vorhersagen zu können.Zum Teil funktioniert das auch.) bei seiner Stationierung im Vietnam-Krieg Nachtsichtgeräte zum Einsatz kamen.
  3. Schönen Abend zusammen, da ich nach Suche im Forum nichts gefunden habe, was meinem Problem nahe kommt, will ich mal selbige schildern. Am 26.11.13 wurde unser BHKW Vaillant Ecopower 1.0 in Betrieb genommen. Hier nun meine Erlebnisse seitdem, es sin
  4. Dabei versuchen wir, alles was von seitens Steam, Reddit oder auch Twitter durch die Entwickler zu sehen ist, hier einzutragen. Du bist in Begriff, ScumWorld - Deine SCUM Forum Community zu verlassen, um auf die folgende Adresse weitergeleitet zu werden
  5. Frei nach Beo:Dies ist der sinnentleerste Fred im ganzen Forum, hier darf man gar nichts Ernst nehmen, es geht einfach um ein paar extrem empathische Menschen, die meinen immer das letzte Wort haben zu müssen (hier oft liebevoll das LW genannt) und u
  6. Forum; Dashboard; Galerie; Zum Seitenende; Schnellnavigation; Renault Kadjar Forum » Renault Kadjar Forum » Elektrik & Beleuchtung » Innenraum (Leselicht) in Limited Deluxe Version. eagle11. Fortgeschrittener. Erhaltene Likes 363 Beiträge 379 Bilder 4 Wohnort Magdeburg. 1; Innenraum (Leselicht) in Limited Deluxe Version. 21. Oktober 2020, 10:52. Hallo Kadjaner, ich war schon lange nicht.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/comments/ift8s9/odyssey_g9_with_1080ti_10_bit_at_120hz_available/..
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