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Scopus provides you with the option of searching for publications based on search terms relating to specific parts of a document (e.g. title, author, keywords, ISSN) The search is not case sensitive. A hyphen is considered a space. Scopus will automatically search for some variations on words, such as plurals, e.g. criterion will find criteria. 'Stop words' such as 'the', 'his', 'because' are ignored, unless the phrase is enclosed in quotation marks Scopus' literature search is built to distill massive amounts of information down to the most relevant documents and information in less time. With Scopus you can search and filter results in the following ways: Document search: Search directly from the homepage and use detailed search options to ensure you find the document(s) you want; Author search: Search for a specific author by name or. In addition to Scopus documents, your search also finds relevant patent documents, resulting in a more productive search. To see patent results, click 'View # patent results ' above your search results. You can go back to your original search results by clicking 'Back to document results'. Note: The 'View patent results' link only appears if there are results that match your search. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Delivering a comprehensive overview of the world's research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities, Scopus features smart tools to track, analyse and visualise research

Scopus is a database from Elsevier. Go to Scopus by clicking here. It is a large abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research. It's designed to find the information scientists need The search sensor W/15 robot AND water OR orbit OR planet is processed in the following order: OR: First, Scopus processes the OR connector by looking for documents containing water, orbit, or planet. W/15: Next, it looks for documents where sensor is within 15 words of robot Scopus tutorials Scopus tutorials provide a visual guide to using the product. The tutorials below are also found in the relevant FAQs in the Scopus Support center. Searching for documents . This tutorial demonstrates how to use key terms to create a Document search, make your searches more specific, and work with previous searches. Tutorial text only . Searching for authors . This tutorial. Scopus is experiencing an issue with its search engine, particularly with respect to cardinality. This means that in many instances, searches are returning incorrect record counts, incorrect document and citation counts, etc. despite the fact that the records themselves are in the index

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This tutorial video will walk you through the basics of searching for good research in Scopus, covering keywords, combining searches, and exporting records Document Search is the default search page in Scopus. Other options include Authors, Affiliations, and Advanced. Scopus searches the bibliographic record, not the full text of documents. The default search field in a document search is Article title, Abstract, and Keywords. Click the plus sign (+) to add additional search boxes. You can. Download and enable the Scopus Document Download Manager: Note: If the Scopus DDM is already enabled, continue to step 2. On the Document details or Document search results page, tick the checkboxes to select one or more documents. Click 'Download'. The Scopus Chrome extension form opens. Click 'Get extension'. The add Scopus DDM Plugin.


The Scopus Document search page opens. From the Document search page, perform a new search. The Document search results page opens; From the search results page, click 'Set alert'. The Set Alert pop-up opens. View New results. From the Search Alerts frame, click 'Check for new results'. The Document search results page opens with a set of new results based upon the date that the. This short Scopus video tutorial takes you through the steps involved in conducting a basic search, including Boolean operators and wildcards, and refining y.. Scopus Document Download Manager is a free browser extension enabling download functionality in Scopus, as well as a Quick Document Search function for Scopus authenticated users. To search, authenticated users can simply click on the browser extension icon to display the search form. This extension saves authenticated users the hassle of visiting individual publisher web sites to download.

Documents are searched for in Scopus Preview from the scientist's home page, which is created automatically after the first publication of the article. If your organization is subscribed to Scopus, access to the author's personal account opens immediately after the first publication Scopus Document Download Manager(Scopus 单击Chrome工具栏的插件图标,在搜索框输入你所要查找的文献,然后单击Search执行检索命令,就可以在Scopus中下载文档了。 如果你未创建账户的话,则需要通过邮箱注册一个Scopus账户,以免费访问 Scopus Preview 和其他 Elsevier 产品。 借助这款 chrome插件,你可以通过. Enable Javascript support in the browser This short Scopus video tutorial takes you through the steps involved in downloading and exporting your search results. Interface and data changes may have o.. Scopus uniquely combines a comprehensive, curated abstract and citation database with enriched data and linked scholarly content. Quickly find relevant and trusted research, identify experts, and access reliable data, metrics, and analytical tools for confident research strategy decisions - all from one database and one subscription

In addition to Scopus documents, your search also finds relevant patent documents, resulting in a more productive search. Please note, the View patent results link only appears if there are results that match your search terms. To see patent results, click View # patent results above your search results. You can go back to your original search results by clicking Back to document results. The default tab when you enter Scopus is the document search screen. To search for a phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. Connect search terms with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). AND is the most commonly used Boolean operator; it narrows a search. Several types of limits are available below the search box. Results Screen The results screen defaults to show documents within Scopus.

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  1. This short Scopus video tutorial takes you through the steps involved in using field codes within an advanced search. Interface and data changes may have occ..
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  3. Added to Scopus in the last n days: Limit your search to documents that have been added to Scopus in the last 7, 14, or 30 days. Use the Document Type list to limit your search to a specific type of document, such as Review or Conference paper. Click Search. Scopus Tutorial: This tutorial will explain how to enter search terms and specify fields, make a search more specific to narrow your.
  4. Secondary Document Search by Author. Start on the Document Search tab on the Scopus landing page. Enter the author's name you wish to search by. Try searching using format of: LastName, FirstInital * [yes, there's no space between the comma and the first initial, and there's an asterisk on the end] Change the fields being searched to References. The results will show you how many times that.
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  1. Scopus - Document search . Like web of science, Scopus is also very good for searching for journal article
  2. For example, if in the search box you typed: solar energy without quotations, Scopus returns over 229,000 document results. However, if you include the double quotations: solar energy, Scopus will look for items where solar energy is used as a phrase, reducing your results to just over 105,000 documents
  3. Searching Scopus When you first access Scopus, by default it is set to carry out a 'Document' search, which will retrieve records containing your search terms in the field(s) that you specify. You should use this option if you wish to retrieve records for publications on a particular topic, or that meet other search criteria
  4. To go to a search form from any Scopus page, click Search on the Scopus header. The Document search form guides you in creating a search on your research topic. We use double quotes to mark lung cancer as a phrase and not just separate words. In this example, we want to search for documents relating to lung cancer. We want lung cancer or adenocarcinoma to be the main subject of the.
  5. With Scopus, you can easily start your search from the homepage. Ensure that you quickly access the article you want by using the detailed search options offered. Combine Queries In the Combine queries bar in Search history, you can enter the list number of each search you want to combine, using the # symbol and the AND, OR, and AND NOT operators. Set Alerts or RSS Feeds Hover over a search.
  6. Searching for documents This tutorial demonstrates how to create and run a search using the Scopus Document search form. Tutorial text only Reviewing search results This tutorial demonstrates features available on the Search Results page. Tutorial text only Reviewing documents
  7. It's a pity I couldn't access to Scopus' document search using my institutional account, so I don't know exactly if Mendeley search and Scopus search are comparable. Wish I would find a way to use.

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The Author and Affiliation search results pages now share the same look and feel introduced to the Scopus document search results last month -- changes which also help improve web accessibility. Changes on the Author search results page: The number of author results displays more prominently in the blue title bar; The option to Show Profile Matches with One Document has been moved to a. With comprehensive content coverage, high-quality data, and precise search and analytical tools, Scopus gives researchers, librarians, research managers, and R&D professionals the insights to drive better decisions, actions, and outcomes. Contact us to learn more about Scopus. Comprehensive content coverage . Scopus indexes content from 24,600 active titles and 5,000 publishers—all. Scopus author search: Make sure you switch the standard Documents search type to Authors. Step 2: Selecting the correct entry from the author results. We are lucky with our search for Stephen Hawking as Scopus' algorithms have already been able to automatically group different spellings of the name (Hawking, Stephen; HAWKING, S. W.; Hawking, Stephen W.; Hawking, S. W.) and present us just.

You can use Scopus to conduct a Cited Reference Search, which gives you the ability to search the list of references in articles, books, etc. If the reference which you are starting with is very relevant to your research, other related publications have probably cited references which are also relevant to your research. Cited reference searching is a useful extension to your standard keyword. ORCID Document Search. It is now possible to search for documents by an author's ORCID number, as long as the author has associated their Scopus profile with ORCID. This is available both on basic search and advanced search. In addition, the search can be combined with more codes and logic operators to create a more complex search Analyze search results: Understand your search metrics better with a visual analysis of your search results broken up into seven categories (year, source, author, appiliation, country or territory, document type and subject area). Compare journals: Gain a more complete analysis of the journal landscape. Select up to 10 journals to upload into. Scopus Search ¶ ScopusSearch () Keep in mind that no more than 100 authors are included in the search results. The EIDs of documents can be used for the AbstractRetrieval() class and the Scopus Author IDs in column authid for the AuthorRetrieval() class. Downloaded results are cached to speed up subsequent analysis. This information may become outdated. To refresh the cached results.

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Scopus2Orcid - Use the Scopus to Orcid Author details and documents wizard to collect all your Scopus records in one unique author profile Continue reading for an overview of the changes to Document Download Manager, Advanced Search, CiteScore, ORCID Document Search and the Author Details Pages. Document Download Manager - Google Chrome Extension . Scopus is proud to introduce the new Document Download Manager (DDM) free Extension for Google Chrome, enabling users to select one or more abstracts and automatically download their. for longer search strings: In Document search maximum number of characters in one search box is 256. when e.g. specific subject area limitation is needed. View a list of all the available field codes; All Science Journal Classification Codes (ASJC). Examples. SUBJTERMS(2312) > 2312 = Water Science and Technology. TITLE-ABS-KEY(early childhood AND teach*) AND SUBJTERMS (3204 OR 3304) > Search. Search Language . SCOPUS Search API supports a Boolean syntax, which is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could be heart AND brain. This would limit the search results to only those documents containing the two keywords

The Scopus Team will answer you immediately, and adding missing document within two week. I hope that my answer will be useful to you Mohammed O. Al-Amr Avishag Gordon Muna Abbas Ahmed Farid Saber. Finding your Scopus Author profile . To check your Scopus Author profile, visit the Scopus website (available when using the University's IP range or via the VPN) or use the free to access preview version if your institution does not subscribe to Scopus).. Choose the 'Author Search' tab from the Search menu and enter your details

How to use Scopus to search for journal article Searching Scopus. Documents search Techniques for searching Combining searches using the search history Return to the search screen at any time by clicking the Search tab. From the Search screen, beneath the search box you will see your search history, a list of all the searches you have carried out during that session. From here you can combine searches, following the example in the. Open www.scopus.com, make a search, on the search results page select documents to download, click Download. 5. Though NPAPI is enabled, Java plug-in maybe blocked as under

Scopus features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research As research becomes increasingly global, interdisciplinary and collaborative, you can make sure that critical research from around the world is not missed by using Scopus to search for the latest developments in your subject are Scopus Search API This represents the search interfaces associated with Scopus abstracts. Each search result will, by definition, link to a Scopus abstract.Search entries might also have links to a Full-Text article representation of the result. Additional information includes Scopus Search Views and Scopus Search Tips. Summar Click on Search (Documents Search) 3. Type your journal name or journal abbreviation . 4. select reference from the search field. Note: Also you can use or for search both complete journal name. 3. Searching Scopus Enter your first search term in the search box. Choose the field you wish to search from the drop-down box. To add more search fields click on Choose date and document type limits if required. Then hit Search. search fields are added, or type in the operators (AND, OR, coloured, etc. Using Scopus: getting started Document. This short Scopus video tutorial takes you through the steps involved in analyzing a search, including by year of publication, source, author, affiliation, c..

Searching For Documents How to create and run a search using the Scopus Document search form, enter search terms and specify fields, make a search more specific to narrow results, and how to work with previous searches from the current session. Tutorial text only. Reviewing Search Result Scopus does not contain full text but a link to check for full text in the USA Libraries' collection is available. SciVerse Scopus In addition to document searching, you can search by author and/or affiliation. You can also view journal and author metrics. Scopus. Citation database. Includes the ability to do citation searching. Scopus for Researchers Scopus for Journal Editors More About. Helping you to discover the research that matters. Scopus Discovery finds the research that's important to you and delivers it to your personal feeds For assistance using field codes, proximity operators, and other Scopus search techniques, see the Search Tips box on this page. This is useful when the field code you need, such as author ID, is not available on the basic Document Search tab drop-down menu. To create an advanced search . Enter your search terms using operators as necessary to connect them. For more information on creating. 3 Scopus Guia de Referência Rápida Scopus é a maior base de dados de resumos e citações de literatura revisada por pares, com ferramentas bibliométricas para acompanhar, analisar e visualizar a pesquisa. Scopus contém mais de 22.000 títulos de mais de 5.000 editores em todo o mundo, abrangendo as áreas de ciência, tecnologia, medicina, ciência

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How do you use this extension in Scopus? 1) From the document search results or document list pages, select one or several documents and click on Download button or 2) From an abstract record page, click on Download button When successfully downloaded, your PDF document(s) will be saved to your browser Downloads folder. In the event that the extension fails at retrieving the PDF (e.g. you are. The following steps outline how you can do a cited reference search in Scopus: 1. Enter a few citation details into the main search page. The most efficient way to search is to enter the article title in the first box. In the next search box, enter the author's last name. 2. In the search results, the record for the proper citation will display how many times this article has been cited. Documents; Main menu. Pages. Type the search word. Hot News. edit page . Documents. El Profesor. 13 March 2020 (0) Scopus indexes serial publications ( journals, trade journals, book series and conference materials) that have been assigned In the Scopus source list . scopus indexed journal list 2018 PDF; scopus indexed journal list 2018 xls; How to index journal in Scopus & WoS. PDF; SCOPUS. Introducing Scopus; Searching Scopus. Documents search Techniques for searching Combining searches using the search history Refining and expanding your search Author search Working with your results Toggle Dropdown. Printing, emailing and exporting your results Saving results and searches Additional search results Citation analysis / bibliometrics Toggle Dropdown. Altmetrics / PlumX metrics. Searching Scopus. Documents search Techniques for searching Combining searches using the search history Use the 'Authors' search option to search for detailed information about an author whose documents are indexed by Scopus. You can then also link to a list of their publications. Author profiles are automatically generated and may not be entirely accurate. Search for an author and view.

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-> Scopus anklicken Hilfe und Information Document Search Einfeldsuche: Article title, Abstracts, Keyword voreingestellt; Suchfeld kann verändert und die Suche um weitere Suchfelder erweitert werden; Verknüp-fung über Boole'sche Operatoren Authors / Affilia-tions Suche nach Autoren und/oder Institutio- nen, Author ID (automatische Vergabe), Affiliation Identifier Advanced ler, für. Scopus is a comprehensive database for scientific, technical, and medical information, covering more than 19,000 publications from over 5,000 publishers, and with records going back to the 1960s. It provides searching capability, linking to full-text sources, cited references, saved search, and alerting features. A variety of citation data and analytical reports are available through Scopus.

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Scopus delivers a comprehensive view of the world of research. Scopus.com allows you to track analyze and visualize research data from 5000 different publishers. It covers 78 million items including records from journals, books and book series, conference proceedings and trade publications across 16 million Author Profiles and 70,000 Institutional Profiles All of this comes together to power. Search Scopus: Author Start your author search. Author Search Tutorial The Author Details page provides information about authors who have more than one document matched to them in Scopus. The information includes the author's unique identifier number, contact details, affiliation, publishing history, subject areas of interest, and research information. You can see the reference list, the. For a sample of over 2,500 very highly-cited documents across 252 subject categories that Google Scholar released in 2017, we checked whether the documents were also covered by Web of Science and Scopus. This comparison favours Google Scholar, since it is the original source of the documents, but is nevertheless a reasonable test since it seems that any scholarly database ought to have quite. For patent searching, conduct your search as you normally would either using the default Document Search or using other options such as Author Search and Affiliation Search. On the results page, you will see the number (7,655 in the example showed in the screenshot) of Documents Results listed on the upper left side of the screen. To the right of this number, there is a link that says View. You can edit and re-run a previous search. days: Limit your search to documents that have been added to Scopus in the last 7, 14, or 30 days. Searching for authors . This tutorial demonstrates how to use key terms to create a Document search, make your searches more specific, and work with previous searches. In the event that the extension fails at retrieving the PDF (e.g. You can see previous.

Document search o búsqueda de documento es la búsqueda que aparece seleccionada por defecto en la página principal de Scopus. También por defecto, esta búsqueda porporciona una sola caja y la posibilidad de elegir en qué campo realizar la consulta. Si se quiere combinar varios campos, se pueden añadir tantos criterios de búsqueda como sean necesarios a través del botón añadir campo. Document search in Scopus A search can be conducted for all of your publications by title and locate the title. Then, by clicking your name, your Scopus author profile will be shown. 2. Author search in Scopus A search can be conducted by your last name and first name. Then, select your name from the author result list in order to reach your Scopus author profile. (Note that you may find more. There are two search modes for Scopus - Basic and Advanced. The Basic Search uses fill-in and drop-down boxes to search various fields. The search can be limited to date, document type, subject area or recent updates. Once the citations are retrieved, results can be excluded according to set criteria. A particular author can be searched by name. After searching, the user will get a list of. Steps for request to add a missing document at Scopus. January 2019; DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.36628 .55687. Authors: Esteftah Elkomy. 17.87; National Research Center, Egypt; Download file PDF Download. also developed by scimago: Scimago Institutions Rankings Scimago Journal & Country Rank. men

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How to register for Scopus. Step by step instruction in using your own Registration number and Password. Tefko Saracevic Preparation Unlike Dialog where you received a user number and password and you were ready to , in Scopus you have to register first, to get your User Name and choose your own Password and only then you can You have received your Scopus Registration number (looks. Perform a document search in Scopus to find the terms AYA and oncology in the in a title, abstract or keyword. Select all the documents from this search and click the link to Analyze results. The results show that the terms AYA and oncology were rarely used in Scopus documents until 2007. There has been a marked increase in the use of these terms in more recent years. Eliminate Self-Citations. From here, you may use the various document search results functions to refine the list of documents. You can change the sort order of the author's document list. You can export an author's documents or cited by information to a file type or to a reference management tool. You can save an author's documents or cited by information to a list in Scopus. You can either create a new list or. Using the search strategy in both WoS and Scopus: TITLE: (ebola) OR TITLE: (ebola virus disease) OR TITLE: (ebolas) OR TITLE: (ebolavirus), 6073 and 6419 documents were identified from WoS and Scopus, respectively (2010-2020). Of these, 96.9% (WoS) and 94.7% (Scopus) were English documents. After refining to only English language, articles, and editorial materials, 3865 and 3848 documents from.

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Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database launched in 2004. Scopus covers nearly 36,377 titles (22,794 active titles and 13,583 inactive titles) from approximately 11,678 publishers, of which 34,346 are peer-reviewed journals in top-level subject fields: life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences and health sciences.It covers three types of sources: book series, journals. Author Search API This represents the search interfaces associated with Scopus-based Author profiles. Each search result will, by definition, link to a Author Profile.Search entries might also have links to the author's current Affiliation Profile. Additional information includes Author Search Views and Author Search Tips. Summar Scopus Search API / Abstract Citation Count API Detailed policy Implementation guide Federated search Scopus Search API Detailed policy Implementation guide Populating IRs with basic document metadata from Scopus Scopus Search API / Abstract Retrieval API / Citation Count API Detailed policy Implementation guide Populating current research. <p>This tutorial demonstrates how to use key terms to create a Document search, make your searches more specific, and work with previous searches. Once you have entered your search terms and made search selections, click Search. Scopus has a number of documents labeled as Open Access (OA). Access Type. For more information about performing a Document search, see the Scopus online Help. You.

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Thanks in advance . I need to publish my research papers in scopus indexed journals. Please help me how to search scopus indexed jounals in electronics and communication engineering Scopus offers references und citations of scientific articles, that are necessary for citation analysizes (Who's citing whom?). The evaluation starts with publication year 1996. Further information regarding Scopus: 50 million records and abstracts of nearly 21,000 titles from 5,000 international publishers (december 2013). Updated daily. Searchable abstracts beginning with 1966 (in some cases. Documents; Main menu. Pages. Type the search word. Hot News. ScopusJournals [slide] Show more. Mathematics [posts4] Show more. Computer Science [posts4] Show more. Engineering [posts4] Show more. General Medicine[posts1] Show more. Videos[posts2] Show more. Latest Posts Show more. Artificial Intelligence. El Profesor Artificial Intelligence 13 September 2020. Artificial Intelligence , which. View Scopus Research Papers on Academia.edu for free

All Posts | Elsevier Scopus BlogGraphic development of the search algorithm in Scopus onList of accounting journals in scopusMapping excellence in the geography of the sciences: AnElsevier expands metrics perspectives with launch of new
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